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Roman, Glass perfume bottle, 1st century (source).

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Sasha Grey for Equal Pay Day - Video

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Great, now she’s getting on the bandwagon.

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never forget

im about to fuckin piss on myself

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A default ring tone is heard. 100 moms look at their purses.

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this why yall tagged/me game need to be on point

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  1. Shorty's dad: whatre your intentions with my daughter?
  2. Me: I care about her a lot. I wanted to prove that which is why I agreed to meet you
  3. Shorty's dad: I'm happy to hear that becau-
  4. Me: I'm also tryna break her back you feel me.
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The creators of The Annoying Orange are being sued. 



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Hi-I think your thoughts on cultural appropriation are very interesting; I wanted to ask for your opinion, what do you say to people who think you're "cultural appropriating" something because you think it's pretty? For example, a bindi or a pair of moccasins. I'm just not sure what to say to people when they say that to me. I don't think I'm being rude or doing anything wrong-what do you think? Thank you!
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I’d say that’s ridiculous, especially because, if you were to express that you didn’t like those things in some way, you’d be considered a “racist”.

There is nothing wrong with finding the beauty in other cultures and their traditions, and wanting to understand them.  People that try to tell us otherwise are actually just encouraging racism, because they’re telling us that we could never truly accept or find beauty in them without it being “cultural appropriation”.

What people who throw that term around like glitter are doing is just straight-up segregation.  It’s basically telling people to “stay on your side!”, and sure as hell isn’t going to encourage equality and acceptance.

You can like another culture’s traditions and history, accept the value of their offerings, but still respect them enough to not rip them off. Acceptance and tolerance does not equal entitlement to rip them off or disrespect their culture. Appreciation but not committing cultural appropriation doesn’t mean you’re racist, it means you value and respect the culture enough to not defame it selectively for your own ends. I’m not gonna throw on a dashiki, a yamulke and a pair of clogs just to try show off how fucking worldly I am if it actually is self indulgent and goofy bullshit that’s disrespectful. 

Well then, hon, I hope you don’t own a bathrobe, as it was based off of the kimono.

And you probably shouldn’t eat hamburgers either, as that dish can be traced back to ancient Rome.

And I sure hope your mother doesn’t wear bras, unless she’s Greek.

And you probably shouldn’t go to hospitals, use banks, use numbers, speak English, or celebrate most of the holidays that are celebrated in the U.S., because ALL of those things either came directly from other cultures, or were in part derived from other cultures.

You see, there’s also a little thing called “culture exchange”, and without it, you’d likely not have a lot of the things in life you completely take for granted.  On top of that, wearing something does not automatically mean disrespecting it.  If you wear it in mockery, then yes - that is disrespecting it.  If you wear it in the form it was intended, in the setting it was intended, and maintain the correct behavior as expected in that garment because you find it to be something beautiful to embrace, that’s hardly something to be punished for.  After all, are people who embrace Buddhism as their religion because they believe in its teachings being “disrespectful”?

By your logic, we should never have a deeper understanding of our fellow human beings, and never encourage genuine acceptance of other cultures, which would actually provide a valuable foundation upon which to build trust between people, and eliminate the cultural alienation that we inflict upon ourselves.

It’s funny how, in trying to be so “supportive” of “racial equality”, you’re actually just furthering the divide between cultures, as well as being extremely ethnocentric, and culturally insensitive.

You will NEVER encourage acceptance by trying to keep human beings all locked up in separate cages like fucking Fabergé eggs.

You’re confusing cultural evolution with cultural evolution. 

Roman Empire? Dead.

Grecian empire? Dead.

Japanese dynasty? Dead. 

You can’t steal from a dead culture. You only take what is good from it and adapt it.

I speak English because I am English, I was born in England, it’s my mother tongue.

You don’t know fuck all about me but want to tell me what to do?

I’m mixed race too, you dumb motherfucker. I am the melting pot but I still respect not everything needs to be tossed into the the gumbo.

Fuck you, you want a serious discussion about this shit, I’ll body your entitled ass and fuck the corpse. Come at me on a real level and I’ll deal with you appropriately, you assumptive, entitled fuck. I ain’t some whiteboy wearing an Indian headdress after I raped their land, killed their people with smallpox after they honoured and accepted my people on their homeland before fucking them over on the deal I made with them, I come from a legacy of exploitation, oppression, racism and segregation on both sides of my lineage, Indian and Irish.

Fucking come play with me in the Terrordome, you fucking moron. I’ll put you out to pasture like the useless piece of shit you clearly are. Fuck with me. I fucking dare you. Shit will get real ugly like an abbatoir when I’m done handling this shit raw after I’m done slaughtering you. 


The kimono is still used in Japan.  It isn’t street wear, but it is still worn.  There was never a period where it wasn’t still a part of Japanese culture.

The Indian culture in which our current numeric system was first established did not “die out”.

I don’t even want to try to get into the impact of the Italian renaissance on the entire world.

And English is a pastiche of numerous languages.  The word “pastiche” alone is a French cognate of an Italian noun.

On top of that, all of the things I previously mentioned were all shared while those cultures were still thriving.

There are entire regions in the U.S. defined by traditions brought over by immigration and colonization.  New Orleans alone is steeped in both French and Haitian cultures.  We celebrate Mardi Gras because it was brought over and spread out from French colonization in Louisiana.

What we eat, what we wear, and the music we listen to are a very clear, very obvious result of cultural exchange.  Now - how has this negatively impacted anyone?  All it really does is foster acceptance and understanding of other cultures.  It gives us a reason to RELATE to one another.  It gives us a way to see each other as people on the same level, and not as categories.  It is that much closer towards race becoming a complete non-issue, which is what the abolition of racism is all about.

Also, take a moment to look at everything you typed, and ask yourself if you would take yourself seriously with a reaction like that.  Being hostile with people is not going to make them want to listen to you, and is definitely not going to encourage acceptance.

I don’t care if you take me seriously. You are nothing to me but an entitled bitch with a delusional entitlement. 

A bathrobe is not a kimono? You know how I know the difference? I own A silk kimono and a terry cloth bathrobe. They are quite different. 

You want to try school me on the anglicised form of Latin language? Bitch, you know who you are fucking with? I know the roots of evolution from Panagaea to Mesopotamia, you think I don’t know about the conversion of Latin and Gaelic to form European dialects? You dumb fucking bitch; You don’t have a clue, do you?

You want to talk about Indian culture? I AM INDIAN CULTURE. You want to talk shit, explain to me why thousands of people live in colonial buildings as poor people because the extinction and substitution of the spice trade has left them fucked over by “cultural exchange”? You want to explain to me why that exchange and bereft state has Pakistan and India in perpetual civil war?

You celebrate Mardi Gras.., but did FEMA reach put to take care of the neglected Southerners or did they herd them into a stadium where they had to live in inhumane conditions?

Listen up, entitled deluded middle class white girl, you’re fucking with a superior intellect. You think my mode of address suggests an unsophisticated intellect? You are dumb and judgmental. I will eat you alive and shit you out like the waste of space you are. You want to go at this? Come at me. Or shut the fuck up making excuses based on selective judgment. You want to denegrate me because you see you cannot equal me. You would rather insult my character than discredit my argument. You know what? That’s a bitch move I got used to and had rationalised to me by someone with an IQ of 166. You’re not on my level and your reluctant cowardice and reticence to engage proves that. This is a game of politics to you, this is my life struggle since I was 6 years old. It’s not a fucking game to me.

So, equal me and put forth a worthwhile argument or tuck your shit in and go do a sit in protest whole you drink a fucking fruit smoothie. I know your kind, you’re not new to me. you’re just a new name with the same bullshit under you.

Fuck you. You want it? I’m right here. 

Do you seriously not know how to read?  The bathrobe is BASED ON the kimono.  It is DERIVED from it.  It is the result of cultural exchange, and frankly, that doesn’t even scratch the surface of the things most people don’t even realize are the result of the melding of minds from across all oceans.

And clearly, you do care (to a disturbing level) about being “taken seriously”, since you’re actually still trying (and failing) to argue about this.  The fact that you’ve resorted to calling me “bitch” pretty much every other word says a lot about your character (or rather, complete lack thereof).  The fact that you’re a straight male at least goes to show that you’re not all that terribly concerned about “social justice”.  Congratulations, however, of providing an excellent example of the Ad Hominem logical fallacy.  Amazing that you’re still under the delusion that anyone should take your opinions seriously when you conduct yourself with all the tact and decorum of an 8-year-old playing Call of Duty.

"Listen up, entitled deluded middle class white girl, you’re fucking with a superior intellect"

If I laughed any harder at that, I might have accidentally hacked up a lung.  Not only have you resorted to making assumptions about my ethnic background (my father was Lebanese), but you’re also insinuating my age (which is probably twice what yours is, given your childish mentality), as well as assuming my family’s income bracket, which, chances are, is lower than yours.  Also, I think it’s pretty clear that you are well and truly out of your league if you think you can match wits with me.  Honestly, it almost doesn’t feel fair.  It’s like holding a duel with an unarmed opponent.

By the way, to address something you mentioned earlier, you neglected to realize that much of the exchange between so-called “dead” cultures happened while those cultures were alive and thriving.

I’ve already discredited your sad attempt at an “argument” multiple times. Your entire response above is literally just you repeatedly hurling insults (and pretty much the same one, but just rephrasing it differently), or moving the goal post, and not actually touching upon a single one of the points raised.

I didn’t think it was humanly possible for one person to make such a colossal fool of themselves.  At this point, I’m genuinely embarrassed for you.

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You cannot pass. I am a servant of the Secret Fire, wielder of the flame of Anor. The dark fire will not avail you, flame of Udûn. Go back to the Shadow! You shall not pass!
Gandalf- The Lord of the Rings, The Fellowship of the Ring (via nasnia)